Yash ParekhWe are excited to welcome Yash Parekh, Project Manager, Managed Services.

“We are eager to see the impact that Yash will have working for our clients,” said Michael Owens, CEO, DB&A. “His energy and knowledge will bring significant contributions to both our clients and our organization as a whole.”

Parekh has significant experience in various industries including Healthcare, Aviation, Travel and Hospitality. He began his career in the travel industry as a software engineer, later progressed to Business Systems Analyst and ultimately earned his way up to the position of Senior Project Manager of Data and Analytics.

“I have been in the Data and Analytics side of IT pretty much my whole career which includes sourcing data from various source systems, analyzing the data, and representing the data in ways that enable CEO’s and Upper/Mid-level managers to make decisions based on actual data, but most importantly ask the right questions to get to the right solutions” Parekh said. “I feel like DB&A provides the opportunity for me to explore different industries and identify areas of opportunity using Data as a source of truth and Analytics as a tool, which will enable our clients to overcome challenges.”

Parekh is excited about the opportunity to apply his technical and management skills in a dynamic way. He is looking forward to the challenge to think outside the box and develop into a great leader.

“DB&A values the contribution of employees and invests in their leadership development throughout their career,” said Tisha Langford, Chief Human Resources Executive. “We see a lot of potential in the many ways Parekh will contribute to our organization and to our clients. His skills and knowledge are such a great fit with our corporate values.”

Parekh switched to a software development and management information systems major after initially pursuing his education in aerospace engineering. The recession and declining job market had him reconsider` his career path.

In addition to his formal education, Parekh also gained unique experience from his family’s business that acquired struggling hotels, analyzed business problems and ultimately developed solutions to correct the issues. Once these hotels reached a certain level of profitability, they were sold.