The DB&A Guarantee

The DB&A Guarantee

The DB&A Guarantee is more than a financial promise. It is a mutual commitment to work toward a predetermined set of goals. Through this written contract, we guarantee specific performance improvements. As a client, you agree to follow our recommendations and potentially make tough choices – in order to meet these benchmarks. Most of our clients are overwhelmed by the success of their projects, as we typically exceed our goals by 20-45%.

In the letter of engagement, we will explicitly quantify the total annualized savings rate guarantee that, in partnership with your organization, will be achieved. Our guarantee indicates that prior to the end of the project, the annualized rate of savings will be equal to or greater than those promised savings (based on a four-week rolling average).

If at the conclusion of the project DB&A is unable to help the client achieve the promised level of savings, DB&A will:

  • Continue to work on the project at no additional cost to the client until the promised level of benefits is achieved
  • Return a portion of the fees paid to returns the client to the promised ratio of return
  • A mutually agreed combination of continuing work and returning a portion of paid fees

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