Our Process

Our Process

DB&A helps companies drive in 15-20% in operational and/or financial improvements through better front-line management execution. The DB&A Process involves three major steps: Analysis, Solution Development and Implementation.

The heart of the two-week analysis is assessing management culture and finding opportunity. Using proven methods, we perform comprehensive studies in areas including work processes, procurement systems, inventory management, cultural issues, labor and equipment utilization, and more. The studies performed by DB&A often uncover chronic operating issues which have become ingrained in your management culture, but have never been adequately quantified to unveil the true cost to your company.

Most clients are excited to learn the magnitude of opportunity that exists. At the end of the first week, DB&A will present a summation of all of our findings including the range of savings potential that exists in the business. If the magnitude of the opportunity is great enough, we move into the second week of the analysis.

The second week of the analysis process focuses on solution development. By working directly with our Analysis and Operations teams, we assist you in developing a customized solution for attacking and eliminating the chronic issues and problems highlighted during the Analysis and Discovery phase (Week 1) of the Process.

For a nominal fee, we will work closely with all levels of management to guide you through difficult decision points and formulate an approach which can be successfully implemented and maintained by your organization—one the members of your organization willingly take ownership of and drive.

By the completion of Week 2, DB&A will develop presentation papers to outline the customized solution for your organization.

Once we have completed solution development, you choose whether or not to enlist DB&A for a full engagement. This is actually DB&A’s core strength. With the full engagement you’ll attain dramatic results—generally exceeding the ROI by 50 percent—within a clearly defined time frame.

The cost of implementation varies but is typically a function of the savings we propose during the analysis. During a project, we interact daily with your frontline managers and hourly employees. We do not simply provide recommendations or strategic advice; rather we “roll up our sleeves” and stay with our clients to ensure the solution we propose gets executed with precision.

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