Managed Services

Managed Services

Our commitment to helping companies realize their full potential doesn’t end when a project successfully concludes. We continue to partner with clients as their businesses transform and grow, whether through changes in management, organizational structure, processes or products. It’s our ultimate goal to ensure operational and financial performance standards are sustained for the long-term

DB&A’s Managed Services Team uses a 3-step process to provide clients with a customized level of oversight, accountability, and support after the implementation phase of a project:

  1. Effectively utilize our operations management software to monitor organizational performance and behaviors
  2. Engage with leadership team to ensure that front-line managers are proactively managing and owning business results
  3. Strategically partner and work on-site/side-by-side with all leaders to improve and maximize management culture


Analyze Performance to identify and trend issues and opportunities • Track Compliance on behavior, tool usage, and process compliance • Track Improvement from actions on performance and compliance


Review Compliance and Communication with people • Review Alignment on expectations to achieve performance goals • Recommend Action to improve performance and compliance


Coach managers on issue areas • Develop Tools and Metrics to support changes to business • Train new supervisors • Conduct Workshops on numerous topics