For the past 37 years DB&A has conducted an Annual Meeting to highlight success throughout the year and to celebrate our people and their families. This year, DB&A’s annual meeting unfolded over a fun and productive weekend in Fort Lauderdale. The company sponsored event brought together all employees and their special guests, from across the country for three days on the beach creating an atmosphere of collaboration, recognition, and commitment to both professional excellence and community service.

DBA Our People 2023 Annual Meeting

The gathering served as a platform for comprehensive updates across all business segments, fostering a sense of cohesion and shared purpose.  The Friday morning leadership meeting excitedly kicked off with each business leader openly discussing and reviewing their performance over the past year and communicating their committed goals and plans.

On Friday evening, all employees and their special guests arrived on the Oceanview Terrace overlooking the stunning beach to a display of delicious hors d’oeuvres and the spirit of philanthropy, as the focus centered around generous fundraising for 2024’s charitable efforts.

Throughout the energizing weekend, leaders of business segments and project leaders took the stage to transparently share their successes, opportunities, and committed goals for the upcoming year and beyond. Their business presentations not only provided valuable insights, but also highlighted the collective efforts that continue to propel DB&A to new heights.

Beyond the professional realm, DB&A demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility with two impactful initiatives. The company’s philanthropic spirit was on full display as they raised $10,000, exceeding their original goal of $7,500, for the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas, providing crucial support for families facing medical crises. In addition, right before Thanksgiving the Human Resources Department conducted a clothing drive at our corporate headquarters to support the Genesis Women’s Shelter, contributing to the welfare of women and children in need. (Attach picture of donations)

“The generous donations raised for the Ronald McDonald House and Genesis Shelter are a testament to DB&A’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the professional service we proudly provide to our global clients across various industries. DB&A’s contributions and service to meaningful charities throughout the year undoubtedly makes a significant difference in the lives of families navigating challenging circumstances, aligning with our company’s ethos of giving back to the community,” said Keith Leary, Chief Operating Officer. “The funds raised over our spectacular weekend will go toward initiatives of 2024. We are extremely thankful for the generous donations of our employees and their loved ones that support our continuous service through many outreach programs.”

Amidst the strategic discussions and business updates, attendees carved out time for team-building and good-natured competition.  A spirited game of dodgeball on the sun-kissed beach became a metaphor for teamwork, quick thinking, and adaptability – qualities highly valued in the professional realm at DB&A. The friendly yet competitive nature of the game fostered stronger bonds among colleagues, reinforcing the belief that collaboration and shared goals extend beyond the boardroom. Participants skillfully dodged and weaved, and the game added a refreshing layer of fun to the weekend, leaving everyone with memories of both professional achievements and seaside camaraderie.

DBA Team Building Dodgeball

As DB&A’s annual meeting concluded, the essence captured was one of accomplishment and inspiration.  Heartfelt recognition of employees and their family members for their dedication, sacrifices, and milestones achieved within the company closed out the formal dinner banquet on Saturday night. The spotlight shone on individuals who earned promotions, showcasing the company’s commitment to talent development and internal growth.  Long-serving team members were also acknowledged for their enduring contributions, emphasizing the value of experience and contributions within the DB&A family.

Saturday dinner recognition - web

The collaborative spirit that permeated throughout the weekend in Fort Lauderdale laid additional layers of foundation for another year of growth and collective success at DB&A. With employees returning to their respective roles armed with fresh insights and a renewed sense of purpose, the company is poised for continued excellence in the ever-evolving business landscape.

DB&A’s 37th annual meeting was not just a corporate event, it was a celebration of remarkable achievements, a demonstration of social responsibility, and a reaffirmation of the values that define the company’s identity. As the DB&A family looks to the future, they do so with a shared vision, a strengthened sense of community, and a commitment to making a positive impact for clients, and throughout the marketplace.