Secret Weapon to Strategy Execution

DB&A Consulting sportsIf you are having trouble executing strategy, you are not alone. Studies show that most senior leaders struggle with execution. The bridge between strategy and execution is the frontline leader. If you are merely using your frontline to enforce policies, communicate reports, and escalate problems back up to you, they are not on the frontlines at all; they are on the sidelines. Let them get in the game. Call your frontline off the sidelines and impact your bottom line.

By accepting their roles and responsibilities, utilizing their metrics, and tracking their progress, frontline managers discover that the structure established in their day not only promotes more proactive, less reactive behaviors but also leads to a more stable, predictable work environment. Also, their ability to understand the amount of work and necessary labor required to accomplish the work each day enables frontline managers to make informed decisions. These crucial activities lead directly to tangible financial results that have a positive impact on a company’s bottom line.

If you need help executing strategy through your frontline managers, DB&A can help. DB&A’s core competency is working side-by-side, coaching frontline leaders and helping them elevate their managerial skill sets, increase accountability, and ultimately provide performance improvements. DB&A’s intense focus on frontline management drives proactive supervision and instills ownership in individual employees. By doing so, we drive operational improvements that yield significant financial results.