DB&A Business Consulting Michaeil JordanBecause supervisors control the majority of the workforce, they have a substantial influence on how work happens. Therefore, one of the ways CEOs improve operationally is by executing “through the front lines”. However, a fundamental problem exists that must be addressed. The “get it done” work ethic that can help a front-line supervisor earn a promotion can also become a hindrance to becoming an effective manager. Worse still, there is little to no training in sound management principles.

Over the years, DB&A has discovered that no matter the company or industry, most supervisors typically spend between 50%-70% of their time firefighting, expediting, and reacting. A skills gap in basic management principles affects the things that can make or break a business; namely cost, quality, and service.

It’s time to follow Chicago Bulls legend, Michael Jordan’s advice and learn the basics. As Jordan has said, “Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.”