DB&A Consulting businessProfits are soaring in many U.S. companies. Leaders, beware. Financial growth could blind you to cultural issues within your organizations. Senior leaders must intentionally focus on organizational culture before blatant negative behaviors display a derailed culture for all to see.

Leaders can learn from the North Carolina Tar Heels. Decades of uninterrupted winning masked a culture of arrogance, privilege, entitlement, and complacency. About three years ago, the Tar Heels were hit unexpectedly by accusations of systemic academic fraud that permeated its athletic program. The leaders of the university were forced to take a long hard look in the mirror. They discovered an organization that was drifting with no real direction and no roadmap to navigate the future. Discover how the North Carolina Tar Heels are rebuilding their winning culture.

There may be negative or counterproductive elements lurking in your current environment. DB&A can help you identify the blind spots that could be affecting daily productivity, quality, and service while preserving or revitalizing the positive aspects of your culture. Contact us now.