Mid-level Manager Opportunities

Frontline Manager Lessons from the middleMost organizations acknowledge that frontline managers are the key to success. The challenge is that they often stop at this point. The real opportunity lies at the level above frontline managers. With the best of intentions, mid-level managers can adversely impact a frontline manager’s ability to manage by controlling the processes and metrics that should be “owned” at the frontline manager level. The environment managers have created for work to get done (management culture) passively allows responsibility for the people to rest at the wrong level.

Helping mid-level managers—in a non-punitive way—to understand that they are taking responsibility for hourly employees and their results versus driving accountability of results to frontline managers is a difficult task. It is one of the greatest opportunities within an organization. For nearly 30 years, DB&A’s success lies in helping leaders recognize these cultural issues exist and giving managers the tools and skills to correct them, thereby driving dramatic improvements in productivity, performance, and profitability.