Pam ValRegional Vice President

Pam Val 1

Pam Val’s primary responsibility is to identify clients that have an interest in DB&A’s services. Once that interest is established, she works with clients and other DB&A resources to develop an analysis process to jointly determine a fit for DB&A’s core operational focus.

Pam brings over 25 years of work experience. Prior to joining DB&A in 2017, Pam was the founder and CEO of a consumer packaged goods company. Her brand can still be found at major retailers across North America, such as Walmart, Amazon and Target, to name a few. In this role, she oversaw all aspects of company operations to include manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, finance and overall P&L for the corporation. Her background also includes over 10 years in Information Technology sales.

After Pam sold her business, she sought the next challenge. Enter DB&A, a management consulting firm that seeks to deliver lasting, step change improvement for their clients across multiple disciplines.  This new position affords Pam the opportunity to leverage her experience to help CEOs and key executives get the most out of their operations.

Pam is a big believer in the importance of leadership, but even the best of leaders can use a fresh perspective. DB&A brings 32 years of experience across a broad range of industries, driving 20%-30% in operational improvements. Their unique process is designed to work in tandem with the client’s local management team to create a management culture that embraces accountability and fosters the right behaviors, placing individuals in the best possible position to succeed. DB&A’s operational improvements come as a result of better utilization of the company’s most valuable resources: its people.

When she’s not at work, Pam can be found spending time with her four children, husband and three dogs.  Pam and her family live lakefront allowing her quick access to boating and water sports.  She also enjoys fitness and traveling the world.

Pam believes,

“First and foremost, you make your own luck. Circumstances are sometimes outside of your control, but how you’ve positioned yourself to deal with unforeseen circumstances is directly related to how you’ve positioned yourself in life. Even setbacks, with the right level of preparation and diligence, can turn into real victories when you have the right mindset.”

“The thing that gets me the most excited about DB&A isn’t our ability to drive amazing financial and operational improvements. It’s not our ability to create capacity and productivity. What really gets me excited is the journey that leads to those results. On the front side of our engagements, frontline supervisors generally spent a lot of time reacting and firefighting – but it’s not their fault. Levels of management above them generally incentivize or even create the fires that supervisors are then left to extinguish.

We call this management culture, and our ability to quickly size up management culture and create dramatic changes in behavior at all levels of management is amazing. Ultimately, this leads to an empowered front line supervisor who owns day-to-day results, and lavishes attention on their people. Financial and operational improvement follow, but the lasting benefit of DB&A’s services is a step-change in management culture.”