Problems and issues abound in organizations. To improve operations, managers often use training as a means of addressing surface-level issues. In an attempt to “move the needle,” many businesses spend millions annually on training tools, systems, and various programs. Unfortunately, these initiatives rarely deliver as promised. Training makes continual attempts to solve problems in a “whack-a-mole” sort of way.

Why does this happen? While leaders are addressing real symptoms, the underlying causes remain unseen and untouched. One hidden challenge is an organization’s environment. Traditional solutions fail to address the environment or culture that created the problems in the first place. Far too often companies offer new information to improve the skill sets of their employees without first assessing whether their culture might be a significant obstruction in the application of learning. Inherent within the organization’s culture is the “management culture” which determines how work gets done & who is accountable for what activities.  Companies that expect substantial change without first targeting the management culture will fall short of its goals.

DB&A’s analysis process shows clients a bottom-to-top snapshot of how work gets accomplished throughout the organization, including the impact that top-level business & management processes have on execution at the front line. We paint a vivid picture of where accountability resides within the business, how productivity is impacted, and what needs to be done to thoroughly correct the root causes.

During a project, DB&A does not train for the sake of training. Side-by-side coaching encompasses 85% of DB&A’s model. Our consultants work tirelessly with clients to create ownership at all levels of management, implementing the recommendations and improving execution. While the financial benefit is a 20-30% improvement in performance across current resources, the real value is creating a proactive management culture that places ownership on the front lines and produces lasting results beyond the project.