Most leaders have a vision to drive excellence in their organizations, but one of the biggest hindrances to driving that improvement is the fact that man leaders have the tendency to get fixated on the challenges around them in terms of technical solutions, having the “wrong” people” in place, etcetera. In reality, what we tend to find is that the most successful leaders are the ones that can look inward to identify shortcomings in their own managerial style and then work humbly and diligently to drive changes from within, because they recognize that their organizations are ultimately reflections of them.

Establishing an awareness for the need for change is one of our most difficult challenges as DB&A, but when we can establish the right partnerships with our clients it is incredible to see the rate at which their organizations improve operationally while providing the ability to sustain lasting change. As a result of this, while we financially guarantee up to 3:1 returns on our projects, we have seen benefits to client organizations that exceed our guarantees by up to 200%. The change is achievable, but it requires the right mindset and willingness to own and drive the change at the leadership level.