rocket launchThe commercial space race began in 2011 when the final space shuttle retired. NASA began to outsource travel to and from the space station, as well as privatize the building of rockets and capsules in an effort to control costs. These companies aren’t carrying people – yet.

DB&A has also been walking alongside private aerospace companies that are implementing this cutting-edge business model by bringing its practical and proven processes and side-by-coaching. While most consulting firms focus on the technical side of the business, DB&A’s product focuses behavioral change at all levels of a client’s organization.

At a rocket launch, a DB&A senior manager said, “It was extremely gratifying to know that our people had a hand in developing a process that enabled our client to build increased capacity to meet customer demand.”

Even in specialized industries, DB&A’s top-caliber consultants quickly gain an understanding of unique businesses. Therefore, as the aerospace industry prepares to take humans into space, DB&A is poised and ready to help its leaders manage people and systems.

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