Talent Acquisition Services

Tisha Langford
Tisha Langford, Chief Human Resources Executive

At DeWolff, Boberg & Associates, we believe that people are a key driver of success in any organization. For over 30 years, we’ve been putting this principle into practice, helping our clients become more efficient, more productive, and more competitive by virtue of their talent. When talent management strategy is aligned with business outcomes, both company profits and employee potential are maximized. A crucial first step in the talent management process is matching the right people with the right knowledge, skills, and abilities to the right position at the right time.

DB&A’s Talent Acquisition team specializes in identifying and attracting talent for client companies looking to grow their talent pool. Our far-reaching network of colleagues and clients across markets and throughout the world allows us not only a deep understanding of a wide range of industries and functions, but valuable insight into today’s business challenges and unrivaled access to top talent. Our clients look to us for their talent needs because we’re able to leverage our resources to help them find future leaders who will drive business strategy and deliver outstanding results.