Call Center Experiences Higher Call Volumes

Software Project Completed Early

The Challenge

The client was behind schedule for a software development project and over budget. They wanted a “12-week boot camp” in order to maximize the opportunity to meet their project deadline. The client had 152 Software Engineers across Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland contributing to the project.

About the Client

A leading global supplier to the aerospace industry was behind schedule for a software development project and over budget. A Vice President and General Manager who had several successful past experiences with DB&A engaged us to bring this project back on track.

Financial Results Snapshot

DB&A Guarantee

  • Proposed Project Cost: $1,100,000
  • Project Deadline: 12 Weeks

DB&A Delivered

  • Project milestone was achieved in 10 weeks, 2 weeks ahead of deadline.
  • Increased Jira compliance from 38% to 98%.
  • Increased the utilization of software development hours from 49% to 100%.
  • Scrum meeting assessment scores improved from 30% to 85%.
  • Sprint team objectives were tied back to scheduled tasks and teams were scheduled to 100% capacity.

Our Difference

Download the Case Study for deeper insight on the DB&A Difference.

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