Michael Owens

Michael Owens

President and CEO

Michael Owens is personally committed to leading and guiding a group of dedicated and highly talented DB&A professionals. As a result of Michael’s superb leadership, DB&A’s Consultants help valued clients to improve their businesses by transforming management culture.

In 1983, Michael obtained a Liberal Arts degree from Penn State University. In 1986, he earned a BSBA in Management from Shippensburg University. In 1993, he earned an MBA in Finance from Lehigh University. Michael “cut his teeth” as a manager at Olympia Candy Kitchen from 1979-1986. He started a career in consulting at Alexander Proudfoot in 1986 where he served as a Project Manager from 1987-1988. DB&A Founders, Lou DeWolff and Tim Boberg personally recruited Michael. He began his extensive career with the firm in 1988.

Before becoming President of DB&A in 2007 and CEO and Chairman of the Board in 2009, Michael successfully led the areas of Sales, Analysis and Operations. Except for a short stint as a Business Analyst at Lehigh University’s Small Business Development Center from 1991-1993, below are the various “hats” he has worn at DB&A.

  • Project Manager 1988-1990, 1993
  • Chief of Operations 1993-1997
  • Sr. Chief of Operations 1997-1999
  • Sr. Chief of Operations/Marketing Director 1999-2000
  • VP of Sales 2000-2003
  • VP of Sales and Analysis 2003-2007
  • President 2007-2009
  • President, CEO, Chairman of Board 2009-present

“Leaders care for people. Caring for people means to assist them to reach new heights on a personal level. Reaching new heights creates a sense of empowerment. Empowered people are the engine of any energized organization ready and able to take on all challenges. Collectively, people with shared values, beliefs, and standards drive a healthy culture. I love working with our people and our clients. It keeps me invigorated!”

Michael enjoys exercising including running, walking and cycling. When he can make time, he also enjoys skiing and boating. For relaxation, Michael loves to read, go to the movies and hang out with his beautiful wife of 30 years, Lisa.

Michael Owens DB&A Leadership