Trishawna Thomas has been traveling the world since she was a little girl. When she joined her local library in Jamaica she traveled the world and immersed herself in other cultures through reading. She became interested in working in Physics and Mathematics, but wasn’t exactly sure what career would suit her best.

“While living in Jamaica there was only the major University on the island and they did not offer Civil Engineering as a course. Therefore I decided to apply abroad and was offered a scholarship to attend the University of Arkansas,” said Thomas. “This satisfied my goal to continue my education and also finally being able to physically travel for the first time to somewhere International.”

While in college she worked on research projects and was the Vice President of the Caribbean Students Association. In the Caribbean Students Association, she focused on spreading her culture, volunteering in the community, and organizing developmental foundations in Haiti.

Thomas earned her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas and then moved to Germany with her husband,  who was serving in the Airforce. Of course, she didn’t mind as this was just another opportunity for her to travel. While in Germany, she volunteered at the USO.

She eventually applied with Amazon and started her career as a Team Lead.

“Due to dedication and hard work, I moved up the ranks at Amazon and left as an Operation Manager,” Thomas recalled.

Thomas currently works for Dewolf Boberg and Associates as a  Management Consultant.

“I enjoy my job due to facilitating my love for traveling and being able to work in numerous companies. The gratification for me when working is that I am always giving back to someone while learning and continuing to develop at the same time,” she said. ” This job not only teaches me best strategies for business but it also helps me to grow in my personal and life choices.”

But her career has come with some obstacles. As a woman, she has faced perceptions that she may not be capable of doing the job at hand.

As a result, she feels she’s not always chosen first for opportunities that others may consider as sever for a girl.

“However I am no stranger to working to achieve what I want in life. Therefore I find that asking questions when I am not sure and being open to feedback has propelled me in my career.”

Thomas believes that girls should follow their dreams and not limit themselves based on society’s perceptions.

“I think more women should consider a career as a Management Consultant.”

She believes the more diversity in this workforce would be beneficial.

“A diversity of skills,  communication style, and well-rounded approach is valuable in the Management Consultant industry. We take different approaches in different business.”