Financial Services Company Improves Customer Care

DB&A consulting case study equity

The client is a leading international financial services company, providing a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individual and corporate consumers. After an initial successful consulting project, DB&A worked alongside the Client’s front-line managers in eight additional engagements. DB&A’s Project Teams designed these engagements to provide the Client with a stronger competitive edge by improving quality, service, and productivity in call centers, claims processing centers, and shared services offices throughout Canada.

Prior to the start of the engagements, DB&A’s Analysis Team completed an analysis of the individual facilities. The results of these assessments highlighted the following opportunities to improve the overall operations and increase customer satisfaction:

  • Increase operational effectiveness of front-line managers
  • Improve the efficiency of call processes
  • Improve the quality of service delivery
  • Decrease costs to more competitive levels

DB&A’s Project Teams worked side-by-side with the Client’s front-line managers and hosted customized leadership development workshops to enhance the management culture and establish an environment of accountability. To ensure the client achieved their goals and improved their competitive edge, DB&A focused on the following areas:

  • Improving resource allocation
  • Establishing metrics and reasonable expectations
  • Identifying and removing performance barriers
  • Increasing accountability

The work accomplished by DB&A’s Project Teams established a significant change in the management culture across the Client’s facilities.  Front-line managers improved their supervision by:

  • Positively reinforcing workers to balance work and having a good time at work.
  • Utilizing dashboards to evaluate the weekly and long-term performance.
  • Immediately taking action when confronted with problems.
  • Discussing challenges and solutions in the Daily Accountability Meeting.

Financial Results

All nine facilities improved operationally, providing substantial financial results.

  • 145% of DB&A’s guaranteed ROI
  • $26.5 MM total annualized savings rate

“…by having access to and relying on various reports and credible, correct information, I have a holistic view of my team. We are able to see all the areas that impact performance and fill gaps that may exist before they result in costly errors.” ~ Front-line Supervisor